“The Hug’s Tokyo Film Project” is a comedy series pilot, a multilingual comedy (English/Japanese) wherein a bunch of very diverse people lead by a delusional director (Jonny Hug) have decided to shoot a movie in Tokyo at any cost  regardless of their lack of resources and talent.


The novel director (Key role) is an eccentric crazy guy who believes he can do a Hollywood movie with a cheap phone and his delusional improvisation. He’s always accompanied by a small Chinese guy who doesn’t speak English and the director believes to be Japanese. With them, his unconditional supporter, a phony producer who promise everything giving nothing. To finish the “crew” a young foreign student of cinematography who craving for experience ends up stuck in the group regardless of his aversion for them.

Using this as the core of the screenplay and adding other crazy and diverse characters the screenplay runs over funny dialogs and new situations, adding Japanese characters with multilingual dialogs and lots of confusion, all around Tokyo.

The scene photography is ambitious, planned to be cinema like, trying to create a “beautiful comedy” in contraposition with the eccentric director footage which will obviously be sloppy. Landscapes and artistic shots will be very important too. Registered & Protected T3C7-WETY-HGP2-SAHH